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“A-Z Archives”: I Challenge

February 29, 2012


“A-Z Archives” A<B<C<D<E<F<G Catch up tomato head!!!!!

February 28, 2012

“A-Z Archives”: H! Challenge

February 27, 2012

No animals were hurt during this photo!!!!!!!

February 26, 2012

Sunday Post: Landscape

February 25, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulgence

February 24, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

February 23, 2012

        I actually think he was doing a mating dance and I interrupted him. I don’t think he was down for me watching him do his thang. If you know what I mean. I hope you enjoy.

Sunday Post: Colorful

February 23, 2012

I’m so glad to be able to access my computer again. I couldn’t wait to enter Sunday Post: Colorful and also Weekly Photo Challenge: Down. Tomorrow is a new theme and I didn’t want to miss this one. I entered each color in this Om. I took me a while but I like how it […]

I’m not enlightened but, I am lighter!!!

February 22, 2012

I have not written or blogged for a couple of days. I feel set back on my goal of post a day. But, Guruji says, I have the habit of projecting my deeply rooted familial conditioning of shame and turning them inward and experiencing and reacting with guilt. An attachment I work endlessly to detach […]

We made it home!!!

February 19, 2012

We got home late last night. It didn’t take as long as expected. We did stop at Quartz Site. But, it was late and a lot of the vendors were gone or closed up. We did find some vendors open and bought some stones, agate and others. Since it was the end of the day […]