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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

I am so ready for this. I was hungry.


28 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready”

  1. The bird is ready for his food. Beautiful photo. It makes me ready for spring.


  2. Hehe I like the photo! Everyone has to eat to recollect strength to be ready for another day… 🙂

  3. This is such a beautiful bird! Is it a cardinal? We don’t have them here in the desert.

  4. Some really nice bird pictures, and this is one. well caught. 😉

  5. Birds are hard to catch, great job!

  6. Beautiful colorful photo of a red bird.

    thanks for stopping by my blog and subscribing. Good luck with your blog – looks like you are having fun with it so far!

  7. Beautiful photo! What kind of bird is this?

  8. an awesome shot

  9. Beautiful photos…
    Bless You

  10. This is SO cute! 😀

  11. You little buddy doesn’t look like he was going to be hungry long. LOL

  12. Great crimson color on this lil fella. You captured him right at the momnet when he was going to chow down his meal.
    Good one ..

  13. great capture!!!!!

  14. Such a cheerful click!

  15. Fab photo. Birds are so difficult to catch on ‘film’ and you’ve done a great job with this photo.

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