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Police harassment: It’s not new!!!!!!!

I grew up in San Diego California. I am of Mexican/Yaqui Indian descent. There has been racial profiling for hundred of years. Whatever race of dark colored people there are, those are the people the police will harass. There were cluster of different cultures around my neighborhood, Samoans, Blacks, Filipinos, and Mexicans. I had friends in all of these neighborhood, and I saw police harassment in all.

When I grew up I got a job with the San Ysidro police department, mostly clerical work. I became friends with a lot of the police and went on several ride-a-longs. There was so much harassment of the men of color. They would stop people, pull them out of there car, throw them down to the ground, put the knee to the back of there head, and bombard them with questions. If they couldn’t find anything they would just leave without saying anything to the individual.

One time there was a girl calling out for help. Someone called police and stated that a girl was getting raped. When we arrived to the location it was right on the border. San Ysidro is a border town. The police got out and said, “Oh, they are illegals”, and started throwing rock at the three men and the woman that was getting rape. I said, “aren’t you going to do something”, and the police said, “it not our jurisdiction”, and laughed and kept throwing rock at them. I was so angry I lost even more respect for the police.

The reason why people are becoming more aware of the problem is due to the phones we have now. Phones with videos, and the videos are being posted on the web.

The shootings of unarmed men being killed is sad. But, the truth of the nature of the police needs to come out. I know that not all police are bad but, I assure you they do protect there own.

I have come to know a lot of police, and just because they have a badge does not mean you should trust them. They are just people, people with there own prejudices, perceptions, and judgments. Because they have a badge does not make them good people. Do you tell the interviewer all of your negative traits when you’re applying for a job. I think not.

I write from experience. I have so many stories of harassment and abuse from police. I’m glad the truth of the police in our society is coming out, from Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, and all the other Occupy demonstrations to the streets of our neighborhoods.

The police do have a history of corruption, deceit, and abuse of power. This power, wanting power, from religion organization, to political organization is the main problem in society. Patriarchal society is not inclusive when it comes to power.

I ask, “Why do we fight for the power to control women and their choice to do what they want with their own bodies?” I see all the demonstrations on pro life, and people against birth control. Why do people follow the Catholic Church with all their lies and deceit. The Catholic Church is like the police, they protect their own.  (there pedophiles)  It’s like the mother that protects the husband that has just sexually molested her child. I just don’t understand. This is just evil and all those who participate, participate in that evil.

I am not being judgmental. So many things are not talked about. I know a lot of people want to live in denial of such topics. They don’t want to be bothered. I can understand this. But when and if these topics hit home don’t cry victim. We must all protect each other when in need. There are so many in need.

If I have offended anyone, this is not my intention.


2 Responses to “Police harassment: It’s not new!!!!!!!”

  1. what to say, plenty could be, but well said and written. Unfortunately this wide spread, in the uk there are similar happenings….

    • Hello Cobbies69
      Thank you so much. I glad to hear you liked my post. I’m sorry this is wide spread and in your neighborhood also. Meaning uk.
      Speaking about such things has helped me release the negativities of such things. Take care. Hope to hear from you soon. It’s not all bad.

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