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Idola De Tara: Photo

The idol of Tara, a small figurine  identified with the worship of the fertility of the island of Canary Islands, Spain. This photo was taken at a museum in St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana. The town was complete destroyed in the Katrina Hurricane.

Idola De Tara


3 Responses to “Idola De Tara: Photo”

  1. Although I ticked the like button I am not sure I do. Nice picture. 😉

  2. I too ticked the like button, as I appreciate the post… I don’t have to like the Idol thing, but, I actually have a few British Pals living in the Canary Islands today, and the “Lager Beer god” they worship is not much worse than the artifact, I’m thinking,..

    I feel for those who lost so much in Katrina. I can relate somewhat in what they have been through also, as being from south east north carolina, I have lost two houses to hurricanes. But, we are all blessed to still be alive, those who are still alive after a natural disaster like that takes place.
    Bless You

  3. Thanks for sharing this pic of the fertility figurine. I have an uncle who collects antique fertility figurines, I might consider posting the pics later 🙂

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