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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I regret I didn't get the rest of the family in the shot!!!!


5 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret”

    • No it’s a javelina, wild boar. There were 4 adults, 3 teens, 1 baby. They were sooooo cute. They were eating my bird seed. They broke into my plastic container. Which I thought was javelina proof. Wrong. Now the seed is in the garage. Javelina proof.

  1. LOL that’s really a cute regret 🙂

    • I really regret not being able to show all of you the large family that was in my back yard. I do have it on video. Can you post videos on here without posting to youtube first? I’ll have to check in to this. If you know let me know. Cause I have a looooooooot of vides of animals that have been in my yard. It a thoroughfare for nature around here. Thanks for your reply. See you around.

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