I just want to be able to express myself

Pizza! Pizza!

I am in California right now. I am moving a friend of mine this Saturday. She doesn’t want to drive the 25′ Penske truck so I volunteered. The only thing I ask is she take me out to have pizza. I have tried different pizza places throughout the United States. I’ve been to Florida, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Seattle, Nevada, New Mexico, Mexico, Chicago, New York, Arizona, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji Islands, Hawaii and I’m sure there are several places I am forgetting but, everywhere I go I try to locate the best pizza in the location I’m in. Some are good but most are not.. The places I ask to go is to Filippi Pizza in little Italy in San Diego. They have the best pizza I have ever had.  I’ve been going to this pizza place all of my life. They truly have the best pizza. If you are ever in San Diego try this place.

I am writing about this because all my photos are in my camera an I can’t get them out. Plus I don’t have my computer with me. I have taken some great photos. I went a a ostrige farm here in San Diego and took some great photos. I guess I have to wait till I get home to post them. I was also on the phone with my Guru and there was this gofer digging out his home. I got some great ones of him. Also there are these pretty little finches, they are a bright yellow with black and white.

So I didn’t know what else to write about because I’m also very tired from helping my friend move. But, I can’t wait to have pizza. You might say I have pizza on the brain.

Well take care fellow bloggers. I guess I’ll have to wait to post my photo of the week also and my sunday photo.

If you know of a great pizza place let me know. I like thick crust. And I’m a vegetarian.


2 Responses to “Pizza! Pizza!”

  1. pictures or not it was a pleasant read. In my world we call it babbling, not really having any thing to say but managing to fill a page. Great post…;)

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