I just want to be able to express myself

Down, literally down!!

It’s funny that the Weekly photo Challenge is down. Today we’re suppose to load the 25′ truck, and I woke up with a migraine. So I was so down, literally. My friend went to the pharmacy early this morning to get me something for my migraine. So I’m down because I holding things up. The meds are starting to kick in. As I was laying here I want to check what the theme was today.

I’m also down with the current events as far as the Catholic Church goes and this birth control issue. Why can’t they just leave women alone to do as they feel is right for their own bodies. I hate when the church use the excuse of this is a religious issue. Well the hypocrisy of that statement is maddening. With all the evil the church has done and current issues they brush under the carpet, it’s just amazing to me.

Women need to start getting mad and take control of their lives. I feel people are so complacent right now.

I have to stop right now cause the Penske Truck is here and I’m feeling better. So I want to go help.

I will write more on this for sure.


One Response to “Down, literally down!!”

  1. take a pill, take control. and write some more…well done..;)

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