I just want to be able to express myself

We did it!!!!!

Well, we did it. We filled the 25′ truck. Because of my migraine it took us a little long than anticipated. It was a good hard days work. I can’t believe we did it all. I did most of the arranging in the truck and tieing it down. It’s like a puzzle filling in all the nooks and crannies. I did manage to get a few photos of the eagles flying around.

We leave today for our 8 hour drive. We plan to stop, like I said, in Quartz Site. First, we are going to finish putting all the plants in the truck then have coffee, or coffee first then finish with last-minute stuff. Then we are going down through Borrego through the desert to Highway 10 then 2 hours to Quartz Site. But, we will stop in Julian at Dudley’s Bakery for their sourdough bread and pastries for the road. They have the best bread around.

You must think I eat a lot. But, I don’t I just really enjoy good quality foods. I do know all the good spots in San Diego. So if you happen to be traveling in San Diego let me know.

I really enjoy driving. I get into a meditative state. I can’t wait to get home to share all my photos with you all. Also to post my Weekly photo Challenge. I’m down with it. Also to see what the theme is for Sunday on Jakesprinter’s blog.

I haven’t watched the News for 4 days. I wonder what is going on out there in this world of ours. They turned off the DirecTV and I don’t like watching the news on the computer. There seem to be a lot of unrest.

Does anyone out there feel the energy of the world.  It feel like something is going to burst wide open soon. I don’t know what but the energy feels huge, to me anyways. I feel like I want to get more involved. I think when I get home I’m going to try and get my Guru some speaking engagements. She  is so wise. She knows what the future holds for all of us. I know this may sound hokey but, it’s true. I have been a disciple of her’s for a long time. Everything She has taught me has come true. I feel like I need to get Her out there more. If there is anyone who knows how I can do this let me know. My biggest desire is to help others. Through Her I think I can. I hope this makes sense.

Well I have to get going. We’re going to start our road trip soon. Take care all.

I’ll be back..


2 Responses to “We did it!!!!!”

  1. We may not have seen your photos lately, but your words paint a good picture. Jakes challenge for Sunday is colorful. Whitney Houston died this past week her burial is today.


    your red A-Z Archive stripe: 257×54 the width (257) has not space enough in your sidebar, but no problem, the red link has it’s function nevertheless and supports the A-Z Archive – thank you very much!
    enjoy your road trip and coffee and bread – and forget politics and news.

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