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We made it home!!!

We got home late last night. It didn’t take as long as expected. We did stop at Quartz Site. But, it was late and a lot of the vendors were gone or closed up. We did find some vendors open and bought some stones, agate and others. Since it was the end of the day we got some good deals. We also bought some amethyst from Mexico. We make jewelry and I inlay stones in wood art.

We unloaded the truck today. It went pretty quick. It always takes long to load than to unload. My muscles are pretty sore and tired. We took the truck back instead of getting up early in the morning to take it. It was pretty cold today. Here is a pick of the truck before we started unloading it. I forgot to take a picture of the empty truck after we unload it. Here are also some photos of the spider webs in the barn. I do not like spider webs. Spiders are ok but their home I just don’t know about.

I’m looking forward to sharing my photos with you all. I miss all the photo challenges. When I saw that the Sunday theme with Jakesprinter is colorful. I immediately thought about these photos I took when I was driving to Louisiana, there was a storm a brewing and there were these beautiful rainbows. I couldn’t wait to see them. But, I didn’t realize I put black and white film in my camera. This was back when film still existed. haha.  I was so disappointed I didn’t get the rainbows. But, I could help but laugh about it. The black and whites came out alright. Maybe there will be a black and white theme.

San Diego is so colorful with all of the flowers blooming. The contras from that to driving through the desert is amazing. The desert is all brown right now. I think this plays an important part to our psyche and we don’t really realize it.

Frizztext left me a message about my comment about not being able to watch the news and frizztext said to forget politics and news. But, I think this is why we as a community are loosing so much of our rights because we have become so complacent.

I hope you like the photos.


I'm not sticking my hand in there!!!!




I wonder where the owner of this web is!!!!!



Oh, what a tangled web we weave!!!!


Oh, I forgot to show the photo of the truck before we unpacked. Here it is.

25' truck filled to the max!!!!


Still full!!!!

By the way, see all the flower pots that are broken well, I was drive through, what they call the badlands, and there was this dip and I was going a little toooooo fast and flew a little bit and when we hit road again all the back pots broke. I was afraid to open the truck door but it was that bad. But, I was worried. We hit hard too. So if you’re ever going through Borrego to highway 86 watch out. The dip was small but when you have a full load the weight hits hard.

Thanks for reading this blog I appreciate and enjoy sharing. Take care. Happy traveling. Oh, by the way the pots might of broken also when I hit the brakes for a little mouse crossing the road. I did not want to hit it. Don’t laugh, I’m like that.

Good night. Till next time, tomorrow.



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