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Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

This is a picture of our puppy, a dachshund we named Hanuman. Hanuman is a deity ardently devoted to Rama. Hanuman grew up and lived up his name. He was truly a devoted dog.

Here in this photo he had just finished eating dinner. Every time he finished eating it always looked like he swallowed a tennis ball. He always looked distorted. He could barely walk.


10 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted”

  1. No one else will have this answer to the challenge! Cool.

  2. He is cute and loveable…:)

  3. Great Entry for Distorted 🙂

  4. So cute. He looks like a satisfied pup 🙂

  5. Yeah…sort of looks like he’s trying to highlight the headlines on that news paper with a “Super Tennis Ball”.
    Great Post

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