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Weekly Sunday Photo: Pleasure

Pleasure is corn on the cob!!!!!


14 Responses to “Weekly Sunday Photo: Pleasure”

  1. Great entry .Thanks for posting my friend 🙂

  2. It better have butter on it…otherwise I see no pleasure! 😉

  3. This dog is too cute!

    • She is. She is a love and soooo smart. Sometimes we have to spell out certain words. She also has warned us a few times. Like one time we forgot we left something on the stove and we were in the garage. She kept barking which she never does, and we found our dinner burning the house was fill with smoke. She also thinks she a big dog.

  4. Wow, a dog that eats corn on the cob. Nice photo 🙂

  5. Does it eat it or just play with it?

  6. that is just way too cute…love the expression in the eyes

    • Better late than never, on my part as far as responding. Her eye say so much to me sometimes it’s scary. I have so many dogs in my life but this one has definitely taken my heart. Thanks for your response Jo Bryant.

  7. cute, we can learn so much from our animals

    • This little brat has truly taught me compassion. Once I was so angry in the morning and I had to take her out to go potty. I think so felt me, and she looked at me and rubbed her head into my chest, then barked very silently. She totally melted my anger away. She made me cry so hard and made me realize the time I was wasting in my emotions. To this day she melts me all the time. Take care angela3619.

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