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To all patriarchal religions.

We all have our paths that we have chosen in this life. My family is Christian. We went to church and what not. I NEVER felt any love, peace, calm or happiness when we went to church. I was a child feeling these feels. I was very confused with the purpose of going to church.

I went to sunday school, and egads, what a horrible time. There wasn’t any uplifting of the spirit but a tearing down of the spirit. The teachers were only interested in controling your actions. Not teaching. And if you did not comply to their oppressive ways you were put in a dark room to think about it.

The preacher only preached about damn nation and that we were all sinner so we had to be good. One of the other things they always talked about was the giving of tithing.

I have been told by fellow bloggers that these are just a few bad apples in the Christian community, not all are that way. But by not standing up to those bad apples, you participate with evil. By not doing anything about it is accepting their actions. Like the Catholic Church protecting and not taking action against the pedophiles in their ranks. They all participate in evil.

Religion is filled with rules, fundamental fanaticism, and dogmas and is under patriarchal hierarchy. Spiritualism is not the same as religion.

I have been told by Christian’s, I follow the man not the religion. I have a relationship with him and his teaching. But you get his teaching through a book. And I’ve been told that everyone has their own interpretation of that book. So it is through your own perception or the perception of the leader of your church, that you follow. There is only one truth. Not several interpretations of truth.

These are questions in my mind. I’m not putting any one down. I do not think I am better than. When something does not sound like the truth I question it. The soul recognizes the truth. Oh, you can say, well, that’s your perception, yes. So be it.

We all write and welcome comments. I guess you can call me a heretic: a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted.

This country was founded on the basis of freedom to practice any religion you want. Now people are trying to call this a Christian nation. This is not a Christian nation. Like many who fight for their beliefs, I may stand alone but will not cave in. Others are afraid of what others think of them, I do not.

I know who I am. I know I am a good person. I know I will not go to hell. I know I am not a sinner. I was not born a sinner. I do not have the need to convert or convince anyone. Christianity has schools on how to convert people. Conversional forces oppress the spirit of ones truth nature.

True knowledge is food for the spirit to grow. Man’s relevant truth has distorted that knowledge. Wisdom is what we all seek.

Jesus did not die for our sins, he was sentence to death for his beliefs. It is said Jesus is the son of god. When did the son of god become god?

And yes, god the divine energy is within all of us. All of sentient beings. We all have free will to seek that divine nature or not. Good and evil. You choose.


11 Responses to “To all patriarchal religions.”

  1. What a breath of fresh air to hear some one say things I have only thought and have not spoken. After reading this post It brought back many memories and feelings I had long thought I had dealt with, Wow. Thank you

  2. A lot of the reasons why I go to a non denominational church. It is all about worship and not routine. I became a Christian at this church. This from a guy who was never a big church guy. I myself got tired of all the conformity and the do this do that worship.

  3. We never went to church and one day I asked my mom but should we not go to church and her opinion was that they tell you are a doomed sinner and you will only be forgiven by giving money to the church. Now that I am much older I still don’t go to church but I abide by the 10 commandments and try and live the life a good citizen should. I do believe in God although I understand very little about the Bible.

  4. You make some interesting and strong points. Firstly an note of observation ; you said that “by not standing up to those bad apples, you participate with evil.” In that case, are we also participating in evil if we don’t make a stand against corrupt governments, abortion, prostition, child poverty, slave labour, imbalanced wealth distribution, climate change, over fishing, nucleat disarmament, racial/gender/age/physical inequality, domestic abuse, murder, theft etc etc. I don’t think there is a person alive who is fighting every bad thing in the world as it would be impossible – there just aren’t enough hours in a lifetime. Does that make us, me and you and all humanity, by extension of your statement, evil?

    If I may, can I ask some questions? You say you know you are good, how is this measured? You say you know you aren’t going to hell – in which case where will you go, what is the criteria for entry and what is your understanding of hell? You also say you aren’t a sinner, nor was born one – how do you define sin and explain the evil in people’s hearts? I’m in no way dissmissing what you’ve said, it is all your opinion and is totally fine, I’m asking for qualifiers for your bold statements to understand the reasons behind your thoughts and beliefs.

    • To answer your first question, “standing up to bad apples”, by voting for or not voting is standing up against government. I try to learn about companies before I buy there products. I don’t buy products made in China because of the injustices of humanity and to stop child poverty in the United States. By buying U.S. made products increases jobs to fight child poverty. When I do find out about companies using slave labor I don’t buy their products. You’ll be surprise how many companies us prisoner as their labor force. I feel this is deceiving to all. I try very hard not to contribute to climate change by recycling. Not driving if not necessary, waste water or electricity. I don’t eat fish. Abortion is a choice of the individual. I don’t contribute to the prostitution trade. I sign petitions for nuclear disarmament. I don’t discriminate against anyone’s race, gender, age, or anyone with physical disabilities. I don’t abuse anyone domestically. I don’t steal.

      By being aware of my actions and who it affect. Who you buy from, who your friends are, not being wasteful, fighting for the right people in government, being aware of your every action is not impossible. This is how I don’t participate with evil.

      There is not measurement in good and evil. Good is good, evil is evil. I think we all know the difference. I don’t go by man made moral. It is innate in all of us.

      Individuals create there own hells. We become our own judge with the way we lived our life, whether that was good or bad.

      And the criteria for entry to where, I suppose you mean heaven. I don’t believe in heaven. We go to the bardos, a between state of consciousness, between life and death. Then we are reborn. Reincarnation.

      Sin was created to control the masses, out of fear and guilt. You either decide to become a good person or a bad person. Yes, there are people who choose to do bad and to do evil thing. But, it is a choice.

      I am not looking for approval. I don’t reason my thoughts. It is a discipline and understanding through experience and learning through those experience. I have worked hard to understand the difference between the eternal truth and relevant truth. I incorporate that truth in everything I do for all sentient beings, which is the responsibility of all of us. If everyone took responsibility for their own actions, and do what’s right, what a world we would live in. Don’t you agree.

      With all the different paths people take I feel most people are good.

      By the way there is one person in the Catholic Church that is fighting the hypocrisy of the church, and is not will to participate with evil. The Archbishop of Dublin turned in several records of corruption over to the police. Which the Pope himself was not willing to do. Finally, don’t you agree.

      • The way you make your choices in how your life impacts others is certainly commendable, and yes, the world would be much better if all people were more considered. I think we will have to respectfully agree to disagree on various points, which is totaly fine. We are both living our lives in a way we believe to be the truth. At the end, I guess we will find out of we have chosen correctly, until then, it is all faith.

    • I have given your e-mail some great thought.

      • Excellent, it took a while to type! Sorry it was so long, but I didn’t want to cut back on words where I felt they were needed.

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