I just want to be able to express myself

I just don’t understand!!!!! Why do men have the need to control women?

I was watching the news today. And they are trying to past a law in Arizona that an employer will be able to ask why women needs, or why a women using birth control. If it is not for medical reasons they could deny women birth control in their medical insurance. Or if they don’t have a note from their doctor as for a good reason for the birth control then they will not approve the birth control in their insurance. I just don’t understand all these rules on women. Why aren’t there any laws put in place for men to control their bodies, as far as birth control goes. Last I checked it takes two.

And why aren’t there any bad word for men if they sleep around. All I know are bad word for women but not men, why? Why is it o.k for men but not women. Women are less than an animal if they sleep around. I sincerely can not think of one bad word used for men if they sleep around. Men are glorified or are patted on their back if they sleep around. They’re studs or looked up to. Why?

Why are women belittled so much, and why are men so into controlling what women do with their own bodies. I mean no disrespect to my fellow-men bloggers. But, how would the men feel if women were out their trying to control men and what they do with their bodies. It would totally not be accepted or even talked about. There would be another witch hunt, against women. It is such a norm that it is acceptable. Why? Isn’t there more important thing to be fighting about. Like all the million of children and women missing. Domestic abuse, child abuse, rape, all crimes committed by men. Most of the crimes in the world are committed by men. I think it’s a crime what is happening with the laws men are trying to put in place to control women and their body.

Women need to standup and speak out more. But I think women are so afraid if they do stand up and fight back the back lash is too much to handle. Women have been demeaned for centuries. The witch hunts and the inquisition has ingrained an unconscious fear that most women have. Along with our upbringing. Women need to regain the power that we all have as women. It is a fact that women are stronger than men so many ways. The first societies were matriarchal, and everyone lived in harmony till men decided to take over, then it was over.

I been taught we all have are stage and station, and we’ve lost what that is. This is why the world is in the situation it is in now. Dis-harmony.

I just wanted to express myself.

Thanks for reading.


14 Responses to “I just don’t understand!!!!! Why do men have the need to control women?”

  1. Meh… It isn’t about controling women. My wife and I have been down the no-insurance road, and ten dollars a month for contraceptives is no big deal.

    The concern is with the government controling what a private company or organization must give away.

    No one cares if a woman buys contraceptives. In fact, if she doesn’t want a child, purchasing contraceptives is the socially responsible thing for her to do.

  2. Fear. Men are afraid that they don’t measure up and must go around proving themselves. The only way they know how is by brute force. It is primitive but avoidable in time.
    We women as mothers and as people and leaders must show the way.
    I liked your post. keep up the good fight. remember men are people too who also need understanding and compassion. My son is 17 and is respectful to women who he knows are his equals.

    • Yes, there are some good men out there but, unfortunately I don’t think they are in government. And if they are in government they are not strong enough to fight the bullies of the world. Glad to here you raised your son the right way. We definitely need more women leaders in order to balance out what has been done to the world.

  3. I agree with most of your post, and think it is all egotistical from scared little men who are nothing but bullies, and trying show all power. But I would say to women, remember you have the power, it is just realising it and using it.
    Good read..;)

  4. The double standards that exist, especially between promiscuous men and women, are disgusting. Men who have a lot of sexual partners might be called a “dog”, but that’s the worst name I can think of and it pales next to the names a woman might be called. I believe if men were the ones who became pregnant there would be no issue about, or controversy over, abortion.

  5. unfortunately some women judge other women as harshly or in some case more harshly then men. Men are the legistators at this time, but I am not sure it would be any better if women were making the laws. spreading good news and supporting each other at a grass roots level will start to make a differnce, one person at a time, lilke a smile will spread. 🙂

  6. I don’t understand the why the woman has need to control man? May be some sort of tantra thing.

  7. mmm.. don’t really know. If I can only have the remote, life will be at ease…

  8. I recommend you read ‘ The chalice and the Blade’ by Raine Eisler It deals with the historical reasons for the suppression of woman and our cultural origins…sorted my thoughts out a bit, anyway…
    I feel your anger, sister xx

    • Hay thanks for your comments. I really appreciate it. I get all my teaching from my Guru Swami Shubhrananda. You should check out Her blog.
      She has taught me so much about the patriarchal society and the matriarchal society. I don’t really feel anger, more the reality of it all, if you know what I mean. The oppression and the denial of women is hard to see. Take care, and I hope to see you around.

  9. Try living in a Middle East country like Oman where women have been subjugated for years and are just now starting to get opportunities. Though i don’t write much now about this on my own blog, once I leave here, no one will hear the end of it!! It’s so infuriating and I agree with what you say 100%!! Good post!

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