I just want to be able to express myself


The evening light after a rainy day.




19 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: Light”

  1. Oh, that is so stunning! Great entry! 🙂

    • Hello Sonel. Good to see you. How are things? Well I hope. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Hope your weekend was great.

      • Thanks TAL. Always good to see you too. Things are quite well. As I always say: I have no complaints whatsoever. 🙂 I always enjoy your photo’s and the weekend was quiet and peaceful as usual. Just as I like it. How was yours hon?

  2. Beautiful Photo 🙂

  3. Now THAT’S worth getting out of bed for. Uplifting!

  4. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. Oh my goodness…I would hang this on my wall. 🙂 Such beautiful photography…you are very talented!

  6. great heavens the colours are stunning

  7. Nice capture. Almost looks as though it has been painted. Thanks for the share.

  8. That is spectacular! What an amazing capture of light!

  9. Like light from the heavens. Just beautiful!

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