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For all the women of the world: Durga the Warrior Goddess

I dedicate this art work for all the oppressed women of the world.

In the news today, I could not believe that in Morocco a rapist could avoid prosecution if he marries the victim. The victim was a sixteen year old girl. She was raped at knife point. They married, and she was abused by him and his family. She killed herself. I can’t believe this is in their law books. Could you believe this? What age are we living in. There are so many laws against the rights of women.

Women need to recognize the strengths within themselves. I believe it will take women to bring peace to the world. Truth me, I am not against men. But men have been running the world, and how has that worked for us all?

I pray that the wisdom forces and the strength of every female deity, saint, sage, and from every religions awaken the women of the world to fight. Not physically fight but, fight with the wisdom force that we all have.

To all the victims of the world. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


3 Responses to “For all the women of the world: Durga the Warrior Goddess”

  1. Yes, I read that too. So the rapist is not REALLY a rapist. In spite of the fact that he’d rather move on to another unsuspecting female. Then his family abuses her because he HAD to marry her (no biggie really in the eyes of the law). They would much rather have picked out a woman for him and that woman is not this victim. Victim? What victim? She’s an unwelcome thorn in their house.

    The sad part is, these are WOMEN making the victim a victim again. Doesn’t it say somewhere in the GOOD book that unmarried intercourse is wrong? Just asking.

    I feel for all women everywhere. Great post.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. The whole system is screwed up. Society is so backwards. I wonder sometimes what planet I’m on. I wonder why the women get tortured and killed with this honor killing. What happens to the men, it does take two. The double standard makes no sense to me. We need to cut the crap and make some real laws. Take care. Thanks again. Be true.

  2. Great artwork i love it my friend 🙂

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