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Javelinas!! Javelinas!!

We got a visit from this family. I didn’t get a good photo because they are really skittish.

The mother is very protective. I think they smelled our pasta dinner.


12 Responses to “Javelinas!! Javelinas!!”

  1. Awwww…they’re so cute! 🙂

  2. Hmm, pasta…it’s good to share 🙂

    • I definitely made enough pasta to feed the javelina and more. Pasta is one of my favorite but, pizza is my ultimate favorite. I must of been an Italian in a past life. Probably in the mob. Thanks for the response. Take care.

  3. Are those wild boars? I heard they can be mean and destructive.

    • They are from the pig family. Also called skunk pigs. I can smell why, they do stink. Just like any animal they can be destructive. But, no worse than gophers, they’re just bigger animals. They don’t seem to be mean. They let me get pretty close sometimes. I don’t think they see very well. Just like any animal, if they feel threatened I’m sure they would attack. The mom is very protective. The whole clan seem to protect the young ones. I do stay my distance. They are fun to watch. Next time I think I’ll put a clothes pin on my nose. haha

  4. Nice shots, you can see how nervous Mom is.
    i think Gracie is talking about feral pigs which can be very destructive. A javelina is a peccary not a pig, it’s easy to mix them up. They’re from the same biological suborder as pigs though along with hippos oddly enough.
    The javelinas are native to the Americas while all other pigs including the razorback and other wild pigs came over from African, Europe and Asia.
    That’s my lecture of the day. 😀

  5. Wonderful! Would love to see a javelina in the backyard. 😉

    • They are very interesting to watch. It always catches me off guard when I see them. To see something so big wondering around feel so surreal. Especially when there is a whole family of six to eight of them. Thanks for the comment. Take care ruthincolorado.

  6. My hometown university, Texas A&M Univesity-Kingsville, are the Javelinas.

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