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52 Pick Up – Week 16 Growth

I’m using growth of our Temple.

We are opening a Temple Store.

It is called Bhakti Gift Shop.

Our Grand Opening is the 20th and the 21st. It’s the New Moon.

New beginnings.

We have one of a kind hand-made jewelry, wood work and artwork.

All gifts are made by Swamiji’s disciples. We donate our time and material.

With lots of love.

We’ve all grown because of Guruji.


5 Responses to “52 Pick Up – Week 16 Growth”

  1. Colngratulations on the growth of your Temple and store! Thank you for choosing to participate in my photography challenge once again. ~ Sherene

  2. This looks very nice. Lots of luck to you with it. Sounds colourful.

    • Hello Let’s CUT the Crap. I feel I’m being disrespectful when I type you handle. Because I’m looking at your picture when I writing. The opening was great. We had a great turn out. It was a great few days. Thanks for all the time you take to comment on my blog. Take care. Keep smiling.

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