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SUNDAY POST: Stairway to a pot of gold

A rainbow is the stairway to a pot of gold.

May you all find your pot of gold.


14 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: Stairway to a pot of gold”

  1. OH, YES!!! I love this…thank you for your beautiful photo and lovely interpretation of “stairway”…I think yours is the BEST!

    • You think mine is the best. Wow, thank you so much. What a compliment. I think my head is getting bigger. I’m going to fall over soon. haha. You’re to kind thank you. You can write a comment on my blog anytime. haha. Take care and hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Great interpretation of stairway my friend ,Nice post 🙂

  3. No stairway more beautiful. God bless.

  4. Interesting shot. Beautiful rainbow! 🙂

  5. I just love rainbows! Great entry Truth! 🙂

    • One time I was traveling through Palm Springs California. And they have these huge windmills. There was this rainbow from one side to the other. I was taking all kinds of shots. It was the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen. Then when I got home I had black and white film in the camera. I was so bummed out. But, I has to laugh. Take care Sonel. Glad you liked the entry.

      • O dear me, that must have been quite a bummer but I am sure the photo’s were still great! Sometimes black and white photo’s really look great. I am sometimes in awe of what they can look like but luckily you saw that rainbow and still have it in your memory. Nothing can erase that wonderful feeling you had when you saw those colours right? And yes, of course we must laugh at ourselves..hehehe. You don’t want to hear the things I’ve done! Totally blonde moments! LOL! Take care too my friend. Love your posts. 🙂 *hugs*

  6. Wow I like your interpretation a lot, truthaboveallreligions! So creative!

    I linked your interpretation in my entry:

    All my best, Cassie

  7. Love your out of the box take on challenge.


  8. Somehow I didn’t get the notice about how much my share of the pot of gold was. lol

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