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I took the dogs for their first swim!!!!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of them cause I was so busy watching and worrying about them. They are so small. Tinkerbell just jumped in. I thought I was going to have to jump in after her. In the past I did have some dogs that didn’t know how to swim, so yes I was worried. And before I knew it, it was to late to take pictures. Plus I had to empty my pockets just in case I had to jump in. We had a blast. It was a beautiful day. So, here are the pictures of the scenery where the dogs swam. I finally took a day to enjoy nature. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


10 Responses to “I took the dogs for their first swim!!!!”

  1. I was going to say where are they, that giant dog fish took them away,, hee,hee!, lovely pictures would love to walk the banks..thanks..

  2. I think your dogs enjoyed nature very well!!

    • They really do. They go crazy. I have one little yorkie that is so skittish. But, once it get out in nature it is fearless. They are so small, they only weigh like 4-5lbs. An eagle could probably take it away. The rabbits around here are bigger than they are. Thanks for stopping by Mr. frizztext, and for you comment. Take care.

  3. I bet when they succeeded, you were as proud as a parent! And you chose a lovely spot!

    • I was pretty proud of these little girls. They are so smart too. I gave them a hair cut the other day. It has been so warm lately. They get so hot so I cut their hair, it helps. I’m getting pretty good at it. Thank you for your comment judithatwood. I really appreciate it. I’ll post their picture of the before and after hairdo. Take care. See you around.

  4. Hi! Welcome to the community. I’m glad you’ve joined us. If you’d like, please find my Friends page, and tell me and my readers about yourself and your blog. Please include the URL, so they can find you. And again, welcome!

  5. Beautiful post my friend excellent view 🙂

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