I just want to be able to express myself

Pictures of stuff I made.

These are  a few things I made.

A copper bracelet,

and two copper earrings.


8 Responses to “Pictures of stuff I made.”

  1. These are beautiful! Do you advise wearers to let the patina develop? Copper is such an interesting metal!

    • Copper is a very healing metal. I don’t like patina. But, to each is own. If you torch the copper it turns a rainbow color. That’s my next project. I have a few designs for bracelets. I really enjoy making them. Take care and thanks for stopping by. Take care.

  2. At the risk of angering you, God is not the one who abandons His people. He will do the same for you as your yoga does. You will then have salvation through His Son. Religion is a worldly contraption that causes people to stumble and turn away from Him. I give you my peace as I pass through this site.

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