I just want to be able to express myself

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

These two eat together, take a bath together, and………….

they got there hair cut together. I cut there hair myself. What do you think?


18 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together”

  1. I think they look great! Good job!

  2. Awww! What happy photos!

  3. You just have to love them

    • They are very lovable. There little paws are like hands. When they want to be petted they grab my hand with there paw and pull it toward them. There so cute. When I’m eating, they know not to beg. If I look away they stare at me and when I turn to look at them they look away. I show my friends and they just laugh. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Too cute for words. It’s like we have photos. Very nice.

  5. Beautiful! Finally catching up again, but will come back to comment on other/future posts. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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