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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused Birds of Prey

Thank you so much for the challenge. I was wondering what I was going to do with all of my unfocused photos. Not that I have a whole lot. Well, OK I do. I couldn’t get rid of them. I’m sooooooo glad I didn’t. Enjoy!!! Have a great weekend everyone.


30 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused Birds of Prey”

  1. An absolutely wonderful series of ‘unfocused’ shots!

  2. I know nothing about photography but in a certain environment, these unfocused pictures have a place of honor. I enjoy yours.

  3. Sometimes the unfocused photos are more interesting!

  4. Hysterical! I laughed out loud at this unfocused collection. Thanks for sharing!

  5. now that’s unfocused – yet focused on some great subjects 🙂

  6. Great subjects and composition for your unfocused photos, and the last could easily be a masterwork of Impressionism by Claude Monet.

  7. are those blurred hawks or peregrines

  8. If I was trying to photograph these they would be out of focus because I’d be so excited!

    • I try so hard not to scare them away. I try to take the photo as fast as I can. With all the excitement and wanting to just stare at them. This is what comes out. I do have some great ones that are in focus. I’ll post them later. I was happy to use these. I knew I was saving them for a reason. Thank you for all your comment and the time you take to stop by.

  9. Interesting – even out of focus, I’m drawn to their eyes!

  10. i hang on to all my unfocused shots as well – -it is almost a sickness with me…hehehe

  11. I like them – they look like pastels. My take is here:


  12. I know they’re unfocused but they look pretty cool.
    Maybe, my eye sight is starting to go from all of the
    unfocused images I’ve been seeing. LOLOL
    Nice entries ….

  13. Wow, that second one is amazing! The bird looks like you are being considered as a possible meal!

  14. I liked this even though this is a challenge that I just don’t understand. I have not been able to grasp the purpose of this specific challenge. the only thing I could think of that made sense was if the challenge creators were actually trying to get people to understand depth of field.

  15. Thanks for liking my “pet” post and signing up!

  16. Good job! Now I feel dizzy. 😆

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