I just want to be able to express myself

100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups – Week #43

….The flame flickered before….

The flame flickered before she was going to leave the room. She wondered why when there were no windows open and the doors was closed. As she reached for the door knob she felt a presence behind her. She froze, she couldn’t move. She realized how dark the room looked. She was in such a rush she hadn’t realized it before. She didn’t know what to do. As she slowly turned to see what was behind her, she began to sweat, she could hardly breathe. Only to realize she had not come home alone last night.


8 Responses to “100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups – Week #43”

  1. Terrific build up. Loved it.

  2. Great entry — congrats!

  3. ooh eerie. I like it. More please.

  4. Friend or fiend? We must find out! “Not much of a writer”? I think you are. Like all of us, we must continue our practice in order to maintain progress.

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