I just want to be able to express myself

52 Pick Up – Week 22 – Looking In (Looking into my eyes)

These are photos where I felt they were looking right at me.



6 Responses to “52 Pick Up – Week 22 – Looking In (Looking into my eyes)”

  1. Yes, they seem to have that way of looking right through you and into your soul hey?
    Anyways, no more worries where my WP blog is concerned as I’ve decided to stick to my Blogspot blog and you are more than welcome to visit there. I am more the creative kind and feel 2 blogs are too much for me. It doesn’t leave me enough time for creating. So, see you if I see you but I will visit you regularly. 🙂

    • Good to see you again. Two blogs can take up a lot of time. I did leave you a message on your blogspot. Did it go through? Hope you are doing well and your family also. Take care. Glad you still stop by and post comments.

  2. Love the spider! That look: I’d do anything she said to do.

  3. […] Truth Above all Religions shared a series of animal and insect photos where it seems THEY were looking into your eyes. […]

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