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52 Pick Up – Week 25: Celebrating Fathers

It is really hard to take a photo of these guy’s. They move around so fast. Plus I have to take there photo through the window and the window has a film on it for the sun. And it is tooo hot to sit outside and wait for them to come around and take there photos. Plus they will not come to the house if I am outside. So here are my best shots. I watch the father of these babies and he is so attentive. He does all the disciplining. He is very bossy. If the babies don’t move fast enough he lets them know and hurries them up. He is such a good father. Always on the look out for their safety.


4 Responses to “52 Pick Up – Week 25: Celebrating Fathers”

  1. Very nice time lapse photography!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. […] Truth Above all Religions shared a post of a little feathered father looking after his brood. […]

  3. With all you were up against, I still like the pictures.

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