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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #46 Is there hope?

… in the dark recess of my mind ..

When the day is over I sit in the quiet of my room, I wonder, what kind of world do I live in? In the dark recesses of my mind I want fight the wrongs perpetrated on each and every one of us. I feel so helpless. Those voted to protect and serve the people, have made it impossible to standup and fight the wrongs they have created. Is there hope? Are we all locked in the cells of our own mind frozen in our fears of those making the rules. Do we really believe in the illusion of freedom.


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18 Responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #46 Is there hope?”

  1. Thought provoking piece. Like to hope that in a democratic society there WILL always be some hope…

  2. I agree, always always hope.

  3. There could be less hope, in a place where those in power admit they’re only interested in keeping themselves on top. But it is frustrating and worrisome to see so many so indifferent to helping the public as a whole – when that’s their job.

  4. But, this piece makes you WONDER. Very good. Many people are second thinking the comfortable life that’s starting to slip away…

  5. I expected one day to see a 100WCGU from you, speaking of your concerns for the world. We have no answers for the society, or the human race, but we can find that balance for ourselves. Thought-provoking and very poignant.

  6. I wonder, too, and try to stay hopeful in the face of it all. You expressed the feeling so well.

  7. Always hope. The loss of hope is more dangerous than anything else…

  8. Interesting how this piece could equally apply to a dictatorship, communist state, and a western democracy. I wonder what society you were thinking of when you wrote it.

  9. interesting point and vert well said.. Hope leads to disappointment…
    agree 100% but still disagree .. 🙂
    sometimes we set our hopes high or on people we think we know very well, or in a system we trust..
    have you seen when the rain come down very heavy and flowers lay low and as the sun come up they stand up again facing the sun ..
    that is Hope .. is to face it and not only Hope.
    Hope is with us .. if we want to believe.

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