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Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I decided to take some shots of the Sun. I think it was when Venus was crossing in front of the Sun, a few weeks ago. I couldn’t really see anything because it was so bright. So I just started taking shots, and this is what was created.


32 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create”

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  3. Awesome pictures of the sun.

  4. Amazing for this weeks photo Create!

  5. A different perspective about the sun! Thanks!

  6. Wonderful.

  7. Wow. Quite amazing! Can we ever tire of the creative force of the sun?
    Exceptional timing—sometimes it’s the only way to capture these type shots.

  8. I’m not much of a photographer but I LIKE this. Interesting what you can do.

  9. These are great. What did you do to edit them ?

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

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  12. Fantastic pics. Just magic creations. 😉

  13. Enlightening! Love the mandala!

  14. wow! amazing!

  15. Very interesting how you captured that .. By the way I like your Blog name .. how true is that ..
    Thank you for visiting my blog

  16. Very cool creations! I felt the series of photographs building upon itself to a striking end. Great photo series.

  17. Thanks for liking my Anniversary post!

  18. great and very creative! z

  19. Were these made with a digital camera? Be careful to not shoot directly into the sun too often. The sun can wreak havoc with the sensor.

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