I just want to be able to express myself


I took these photos today. We went to the park this morning. I value nature and being able to appreciate life in the simplest ways.


16 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: Valuable”

  1. Beautiful post for this week theme , thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Beautiful!! 😀

  3. That squirrel, right?, is so cuddly. At times, they can be demanding, pursuasive and diligent to get to their necessities.

  4. Lovely pics for the theme. Beautiful waterlilies and cut little squirrel. There is an award for you o my latest post. 😉

  5. Nice photos. I also think nature is very valuable 🙂

  6. love this post…especially the horse being so joyous in that moment

  7. Lovely squirrel, beautiful waterlilies! Great post!

  8. I can relate to this… A lovely message 🙂

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