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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming (Sometimes Nightmares)


15 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming (Sometimes Nightmares)”

  1. dreaming land…

  2. hahaha…reminds me of Kafka’s Metamorphosis..the protagonist wakes up in the morning and has suddenly turned into a beetle.

  3. Would be my nightmare I am afraid! 🙂

    • Me too. I don’t like bugs at all. And to top it off I found a scorpion in the kitchen. Its been raining so they try to find a dry place. But why my kitchen. I just took it outside. Well, to tell the truth I didn’t my friend did. I was on top of a chair.

  4. eeekkkk …. not a very dream. Yucky … Great shots, though.

  5. Hi, truth,

    Odd I didn’t read this till now — I woke this morning with Jiminy Cricket on my mind — sort of … When you wish upon a dream, Makes no difference if you scream. Any dream becomes a nightmare just for you.

    How weird is that???

  6. Great take on the challenge!

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