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SUNDAY POST : Close -up

The last time I drove through this small town, this guy didn’t have a hat on. I guess he was still celebrating the 4th of July.


14 Responses to “SUNDAY POST : Close -up”

  1. Also pretty scary.;)

  2. I love your subject for this week theme ,Thanks for posting my friend 🙂

  3. Looks to B the typical southern white rite wing republican BOY minus his hood & cloak attempting to be All inclusive donning an ununited states hat\flag thinking he’s in cogneto, butt his blank druly stare & man b**bs give him away;alas there will B an idol the next generation may aspire to.
    something for man to relish and womyn to pickle.

  4. Gosh he’s scary looks like a man polar bear hybrid!

  5. Odd, but interesting. My place of birth, Bangor, Maine, has a 40-foot plastic Paul Bunyan statue — that is just silly!

  6. He looks scared, as if he doesn’t know what’s nexrt. Hmm.

  7. always like seeing roadside attractions 🙂

  8. he kind of scares me a little

  9. Bigfoot of the desert. Nice!

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