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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #54


When I’m gone will it really matter? Does it matter to me? The value of things are subjective to the holder. As time goes by does it change the value of the memory we held so dear. When memories fade we are lost forever. I’d rather be lost from the being than to fade slowly away. I can not take it with me, I don’t want to, so I will leave nothing so nothing is lost. I will hold all that I held dear and share it with those who come near. Lifetime after lifetime what do we really leave?


7 Responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #54”

  1. Whoa. Serious but well done.

  2. No we leave a legacy – no doubt as angels anoint our passing and carry on…

  3. That is so sad. Beautifully written, but really melancholy.

  4. Funny, but I don’t find it sad — rather, it seems to me like a smart and logical way to live — make the very most of each day with the people who count, and don’t worry about the future or the past. Nice entry!!

  5. Plenty to think about here. Nice one.

  6. Lovely. And not sad at all.
    I do think the “holding dear” is also a way of clinging on. I guess the goal is to appreciate every moment and then let it go.

  7. Ah but surely memories fade at just the right speed!

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