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SUNDAY POST : Black and White


14 Responses to “SUNDAY POST : Black and White”

  1. Honestly I hate seeing cows. It makes me not want o eat burgers.

  2. Quite awesome photos for black and white! Great choice…love the cows. 🙂

  3. Love your black and white cows. Great choice for challenge.


  4. Thanks for sharing your idea my friend i really love it and this is a great clue for dalmatian dog owner lol,why i never think of it before ,Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  5. Nice picture but why are they sulking? It’s SUNDAY, isn’t it? Ha ha.

  6. I spent 5 years in Colorado, where my in-laws raised cattle for beef. Black white-faces were my favorites. Once, my father-in-law crossed a b/w-faced cow with a longhorn bull — “stockings” on its legs, and a curly ridge down his back. The calf looked like a curly little skunk with knee-socks — adorable! Your other post was equally good — great manipulation of photos!

    • Thank you. But I must admit it saddened me to see these cows because they were covered with flies. I felt so bad for them. When you say, “black white-faces were your favorite”, do you mean to eat, and did they kill crossed breed calf? I cry more when animals get hurt than anything else.

      • I loved to watch when the calves are born. After about two hours, they stand up, and start jumping around like little kids at a playground. As for eating beef, we gave the skunk back to my in-laws, and raised another to eat. I know how gross that sounds, but that was how I lived, then. I no longer eat steak. Also, I worked at a livestock auction, where steers and cows were sold all the time. At that time, I guess I got inured to it.

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