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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #55

As Putin fights to gain back his little man complex, there was an evil cackling heard from behind the cage. The witch hunt has begun all over again. Who are they, the ones who summoned Mary from hell. As they danced on the altar of lies to bring truth to those who would listen. They use the universal tool of music to open the eyes that are shut in fear. Tired of the oppression that this little man brings. The punishment does not fit the crime. What was the crime? Hooliganism? There was no damage but, to the pride of some. Pussy riot you, and your bright color balaclavas, are not alone. Two years will pass till we see you again. Again you shall dance with your bright color hair and your bright-colored glasses. Stick out your tongue and give them the bird. You will be remembered as others are forgotten.


Go to this site to see the photo that inspired this piece:


13 Responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #55”

  1. I need to devote some time to thinking about this, but your words are powerful — even not getting the “story,” I am moved by your descriptions. Great Entry!

    • This story is dedicated to the three women jail in Russia. They are a feminist punk-rock band based in Moscow called Pussy Riot. They were sentence to two years for a demonstration in a church. By the way how are you doing? Good to see you. Take care.

      • Ah, yes, your explanation to judithatwood explains where you story was headed. I heard of this imprisonment based on the suppression of free speech. Your story has relevance to those supporting Pussy Riot.

  2. Two years is too long! This is not just punishment. You’re right about the little man.

    • Hello Let’s CUT the Crap! I wanted to thank you for all the comments you leave. I do enjoy them. I don’t or haven’t made the time to comment back in a timely manner. So for past and future comments thank you. Take care.

  3. I agree. Putin’s little man complex is an excellent take to pussy riots will prevail. They did no harm other than to an easily bruised ego. Your piece is strong. Stick out your tongue; give them the bird!

  4. I had thought of going down this route with this week’s challenge. Glad I didn’t – as you have done it so well.

  5. Gosh- this is very powerful & quite a statement. I need to be a bit more specific with the instructions next time but thst’s ok because it has produced this excellent piece. Thsnk you

    • Thanks for not minding. I know it had to do with your son’s birthday cards. But, my mind went somewhere else. I do appreciate the challenge and the opportunity to express myself. You never know where the mind is going to go. It takes all kinds I guess. Please don’t banish me. Take care. I’ll lighten it up next time. Although I’m not making any promises.

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