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100 Word Challenge – Week#60 (A True Story)

I woke up one to find my cat in the poop position. I screamed, “Hey, what are you doing?” She took off running. As she turned the corner I could see a long white thing hanging  off her butt. What could it be? I went after her. She turned the next corner, the object was still there. I kept calling her but she did not stop. Suddenly, we both stopped. She jumped toward me, I dodged her, then suddenly it was in my hand. I didn’t want to look but I did. It was a shoestring she had swallowed whole.


If you are interested in this challenge:


3 Responses to “100 Word Challenge – Week#60 (A True Story)”

  1. Oh the joy of being owned by a cat… got it in one there, making me laugh in the process. Nicely done.

  2. I’ve never had the experience but I have heard of such an occurence before. Poor you. Poor cat. What does one do?

    I laughed at the story. Well put.

  3. yuck… but how true for all of us cat owners.

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