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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Nature always gives me a feeling of renewal. There is always something new to see. I always wonder how long the wild creature has been on earth, and how long they will live. What hardships they endure or do they even feel it as a hardship or just life.


4 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal”

  1. Birds are wonderful creatures to photograph. Wonderful choice for this weeks challenge Renewal. Thank you for sharing 😉

  2. What a beauty! I’ve never seen the like. Do you know anything about this species. It looks part owl. I am curious! Great shots.

    • It took me a little while to find out. I too was curious as to what kind of bird this was. So thanks for the encouragement. It is called a Sharp-skinned hawk. I don’t know if you celebrate Tofurky Day. But I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

  3. Beautiful raptor photos! Kestrel?

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